Paimon telegram bot

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About Paimon telegram bot architecture


Paimon telegram bot is a general bot. It can serach songs you like and download songs to your telegram chat. It provides a webhook to get messages that comprised of the video, image, file, etc from the QQ(cqhttp). Unfortunately, this is unsupported to send messages to QQ from telegram, because the telegram message may make my QQ account banned. For getting news about society of China, we provide some spiders to get hot word of many news websites, such like Bilibili and Weibo.



  • config
    • ReadYaml
  • cqtotg
    • Post
    • VideoParse
  • news
    • BiliHotWords
    • WeiboHotWords
  • requests
    • Bronya
  • tools
    • GetParamsOneDimension
    • IsOneDimensionSliceContainsString
    • Md5
  • webapi
    • RranslateByYouDao
    • YoutubeSearch
    • countAudioSeconds
    • Y2mateByTools
    • Y2mateByCom